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Kite Suite Content Products

Content Building

Kite’s start-to-finish content building solution provides all the essential features of creation, item-banking, test development, accessibility tagging, interoperability, management and more.


Kite’s user-friendly assessment solution is built to support people on the ground‚ working to better learning outcomes for all by making measurement tools available at all levels to empower timely data-driven decision making.
Kite Suite data collection

Data Collection

Kite’s multi-faceted data gathering instruments include surveys, observations, and training module options, anonymous or identified instant results, dynamic reporting, and psychometric evidence-based design.

Developing Technology – Building Community

We developed the Kite Suite to maximize the opportunity to reliably measure assessment results through innovative design. By leveraging technology to remove barriers to access, bias, and limitations of static form, we have answered the call to strengthen the validity of assessment.

Remote Proctoring

We partner with proctoring companies so you can administer assessments safely and securely in a remote setting.
Kite Suite Products Remote Proctoring

Large, Medium, & Small-Scale Assessment

The Kite Suite is flexible and adaptive and can support the assessment needs of companies and organizations of all sizes.
students taking Kite Assessment

Kite Suite supports all assessment types

Design your assessment for training, diagnostic, formative, interim, certification, and other high stakes tests in one location. We can load your academic standards, outcomes, or professional competencies to align with your overall content design. We will work directly with your team through collaborative processes to meet your unique needs.
STEM chemistry simulation

STEM Simulations

Our boldest innovations come through our pipeline of interactive simulations. Conduct virtual chemistry experiments, build a 3D model representing the planet’s orbital direction, write lines of code, and more to determine the correct solutions. Our team can embed your own simulations or collaborate with us as we develop new ones. We are continually expanding our simulation library and will work with you to meet your exact needs and specifications. Learn more about STEM and see a simulation demo on the Assessments page.
students taking Kite science test

Bringing STEM and Assessment Together

ATS is a leader in assessment technology design and evaluating STEM learning goals. With the Kite Suite, our clients can choose from a variety of item types, including adaptive form setups, simulations, technology-enhanced Items, and much more! Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can build a STEM-focused assessment for you.