Our Online Educational Assessment Tools

The Kite Suite provides both secure and non-secure, easy to use testing environments with tools to create, administer, monitor, score, and report on various types of online assessments. Assessment administration tools in the Kite Suite include:

  • Educator Portal, where those responsible for test coordination and administration manage user and student data,
  • Student Portal, our secure, easy-to-use testing environment where students take tests, and
  • Parent Portal, a web- and mobile-friendly platform for parents to access their student's entire history of Kite assessment reports.

Learn more about each tool below to see how the Kite Suite can enhance your organization today!

"Educator Portal Kite logo"

Educator Portal is a dynamic, web-based tool for managing student data, accessibility needs, test assignments, and score reporting. Our system is designed to support the management of K-12, vocational, higher education, and professional level assessments.

Learn more about Educator Portal below and watch an in-depth demo on everything the system has to offer.

Balanced Assessment Strategy

Formative Assessment teacher and student

Formative Assessment

Interim and Mini-Tests provide educators with a knowledge-measuring, content-standards-normed, yardstick to gauge and predict student potential. This allows for a feedback loop between instruction and formative practice, adding an evidence based iterative paradigm for teachers to advance learning.
Summative Assessment surveys and bar graph

Summative Assessment

The summative assessment model provides standards-based reporting to help schools build an ecosystem for learning and aid in the educational growth of K-12 students.

Combine & Share Tests

Combine Mini-Tests to build larger tests that support formative assessment or copy a shared test that has already been compiled by colleagues from across the district. Once banked, tests can be assigned to a reusable grouping of select students, an entire grade and subject, or a specific roster.

adults working on a computer taking a test

Manage Data & Assign Roles

Kite Educator Portal can be configured to implement a tiered user role structure that is personalized for your specific organization. This structure allows users to navigate between role settings while controlling access to student data in compliance with FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts. We support centralized and decentralized as well as automated and manual management approaches for adding and updating data.

Student-Centered Design

Use Personal Needs Profiles to design tests that adapt to your population's unique learning and testing processes. Add new or make changes to existing accommodation and accessibility tools available in Kite Student Portal.

Every student deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her learning potential. We designed the Kite Suite to be customizable and adapt to each user's unique skillset.
students taking an assessment
KAP interim report for testing

Reports & Longitudinal Data

View, download, and print fully customizable reports across all organization levels in Educator Portal, including bundled and aggregate reports. Our team can develop brand new reports or integrate your data into existing reporting methods. Already have reports covered? Let us provide the data for you to add to your current report structure.
Educator Portal also provides longitudinal data access to help you understand how students, schools, districts, and instruction match with, and progress across, longer term local initiatives and planning metrics. An example of a student-level report is shown to the right.
Educator Portal dashboard

Testing Summary Dashboard

A test summary dashboard can be customized to provide key metrics that are critical to stakeholders during testing. Automatically updated multiple times each day, users will see current data embedded right in the dashboard on screen. Alternatively, the data may be downloaded in an extract for simple and easy distribution.

Data Extracts

Educator Portal gives you the tools to view, manipulate, and extract the data you need. Test information such as enrollment data, test status, student scores. and much more is securely retrieved based on a user's access level. The applicable utility and detailed quality of each extract was developed with crucial input from educators across the country. Numerous extracts can even be modified and re-uploaded, allowing users to create and manage data for their entire organization.

"Student Portal Kite logo"

Student Portal offers clean, secure, intuitive, and student-focused testing interface that supports engaging media and graphics, customized accessibility features, and selectable testing tools. Our testing platform delivers nearly 5,000,000 test sessions each year to students across all 50 US states, its territories, and Canada. During peak test times, up to 30,000 students test concurrently. Kite Student Portal is load tested to support over 200,000. Kite assessments can be completed on a desktop, laptop, iPad, or Chromebook.

Simple Navigation & Adjustable Layout

Use the navigation bar in Student Portal to quickly jump to any question. Flagging a question for further review changes colors in the nav, making it easy to see which items need to be revisited. An adjustable layout allows users to customize their view to improve the quality of their interactive experience with three different display options: passage only, questions only, or passage and questions. In a split screen layout, students see the stimulus and questions together on the same screen. Use the slider bar to adjust the size ratio between the different views to choose the layout that is right for you.

student portal default page layout

default page layout

student portal slider adjusted layout

adjusted page layout

Stored Progress and Click History

Student Portal's stored progress feature protects users in the event of a network interruption or other unforeseen events to ensure that your data and progress is never lost. When you are ready to resume testing, simply log back in and continue right where you left off. If there is ever a question regarding test responses and timing, our team can work with Kite administrators to review a Student Portal user's entire click history from a specific test session
Stored Progress and Click History for assessments

Technology Enhanced Item Types

We have an extensive library of commonly defined item types to ensure students receive the assessment experience that is right for them. Kite Suite's technology-enhanced item editor uses HTML5- and CSS3-based solutions, allowing for cross-platform compatible item creation. Check out the video to explore some of the options our system has to offer.
Kite STEM stimulation

STEM Simulation

Explore new ways of engaging students with Kite's interactive simulation designs. Virtual labs allow students to conduct experiments to find solutions. Operate simple machines, submit code, conduct science experiments, and more.
Embed your own simulations, choose an existing simulation from our continuously growing catalog, or work with our team of developers to see your ideas come to life.

Student Portal Simulations

The Kite Suite currently offers simulations that model certain situations in engineering, computer science, and biomedical science. The simulation items in Student Portal allow test takers to enter desired values and then run the simulation to answer accompanying questions modeled after any available item type in Kite Content Builder. Check out this short demo to see a few sample simulations in action.

Ideas for a simulation? Let's build one together!

Work with our development team to see your ideas come to life. You can also embed your own simulation or choose one from our catalog.

Student Resource and Accommodation Tools

Built with accessibility in mind, Kite Student Portal adapts to each individual's needs. A large array of tools such as magnification, color overlay, calculators, highlighters, and reference materials are available to students directly within the platform. Other tools such as auditory calming, sign language options, and read aloud using a text-to-speech tool can be enabled through a student's PNP profile in Kite Educator Portal.

Equip your tests with built-in accessibility tools.

Individuals should never be hindered by the lack of assistive technology. Administrators can customize the toolbox in Kite Student Portal with predetermined accessibility tools to provide every opportunity for success.

built-in accessibility tools for testing

"Parent Portal Kite logo"

The Kite team at ATS recognized the importance for school districts to effectively communicate student progress with parents and guardians. In order to help districts meet this demand, we worked directly with educators and school district staff to develop Kite Parent Portal, an online platform for parents to view their child's current and historical Kite assessment reports anytime and anywhere.

How It Works

  • Schools upload parent email addresses in Educator Portal to connect parents with their student's score reports.
  • Parents log in to the secure Parent Portal website using a temporary access code sent to their email address.
  • Within the platform, parents can view, download, and print current and historical Kite assessment score reports in each subject and/or assessment program.
Sample Parent Portal reports page displaying a table with student demographics and a report PDF download
Sample Parent Portal Report Page

Available on mobile devices

Access Kite Parent Portal from anywhere using your mobile device! Functionality mirrors the web application and reports open in a new browser tab.
Parent Portal reports page displayed on an iPhone

A Complete Assessment Application Suite

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