Test Development & Psychometrics

Content Development

ATS uses an agile solution-driven business process to manage assessment development. Our staff are cross-trained, collaborative, and highly adaptable content experts, which contributes to our success exceeding expectations and beating deadlines.

Woman looking through papers while at an item writing event

The ATS Approach

Content development flows from approved blueprints so expectations are clearly and consistently communicated across the content areas. We include expert content review for accessibility and fairness in our internal reviews, allowing for efficiencies later in the process. We deliver products and services that align with our clients' goals and sometimes course correct according to industry trends.
Educators developing item content using visuals

Iterative Development

We believe deeply in practicing iterative processes to achieve the best results in the least amount of time. We prioritize the riskiest tasks and our client’s operational needs first. Pragmatic and strategic, we collaborate with the client through each development phase, listening actively to ensure that the client’s goals are met.

Psychometric Tools

ATS develops fair, reliable, and valid assessments. Our psychometric team collaborates with clients to meet specific program needs. We analyze and advise clients on assessment data to facilitate decision making.

We are client-focused; our goal is to implement designs while adapting to meeting requirements and constraints. Our team has ensured the reliability and validity of a variety of tests, including interim, summative, predictive, adaptive, end-of-course, and English language proficiency assessments. We support fixed form or adaptive testing.

Our team has experience in diverse design and analysis methodologies, including Classical Test Theory (CTT), Item Response Theory (IRT) – unidimensional and multidimensional, computer adaptive testing (CAT), equating and linking, differential item functioning (DIF), vertical scaling, and standard setting. We write and present comprehensive technical report that detail our methods and the outcomes of statistical analysis.