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Our team of experienced content developers and IT professionals design, develop, and support online educational assessments and software applications to meet our client's needs. Led by the Kite Suite, our flagship assessment program, ATS is leading the charge in online content creation, assessment development, and sophisticated data collection tools.

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Content Development

Content Development

Learn about the ATS approach to iterative content development and psychometric tools.
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Kite Suite Products

Explore our intuitive product tools used to complete your small or large assessments.
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Design Services

ATS can design and maintain your website and create custom graphics and videos to support your business marketing needs.

We have a proven track record supporting assessments

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ATS provides best-in-class customer support

Five gold stars in a row

“Exceptional Kite services”

Efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and professional describes the ATS Support Team. Thank you for providing exceptional Kite services and support to New Hampshire schools and SEA staff.

–Michelle G.
New Hampshire Department of Education
Five gold stars in a row

“Friendly and professional”

No matter what the question or technical issue, someone takes the time to respond quickly. The friendly voice that answered the phone was a relief to whatever stresses the day seemed to present as we learned a new system. Thank you, ATS, for your professionalism and customer service!

–Gayle R.
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Five gold stars in a row

“Efficient and knowledgeable”

The ATS Kite Service Desk is always efficient and I have never felt ridiculed for a question. They always help to find a solution for me!

–Teresa A.
Santana, KS